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When looking for a local Diesel Mechanic Shop in Central Florida, Fort’s Auto and Diesel Repair is your first choice. We have over 30 years experience Repairing and Servicing Diesel Trucks and Cars.

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Diesel Engines have different components such as glow plugs, lift pumps, and diesel particulate filters. Subsequently, these components and features make them uniquely different than other gas engines. So you want a Diesel Mechanic that knows how to work on a Diesel Vehicle. The TEAM at Fort’s Auto and Diesel Repair is trained and certified to work on your Diesel Vehicle. We service and repair the following Diesel Vehicles:

Ford Powerstroke Diesel

Chevy Duramax Diesel

Dodge Cummins Diesel

VW Diesel

Mercedes Diesel

Freightliner Diesel

Peterbuilt Diesel

Mac Diesel

Isuzu Diesel


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At Fort’s Auto and Diesel Repair, we utilize the latest technology in automotive computer scanners. This allow us to quickly troubleshoot and diagnose your Diesel Vehicles issue. We then repair or replace the part or parts that are failing and get you back out on the road.

Fort’s Diesel Mechanic Services

Diesel Injectors

Lift Pumps

Diesel Particulate Filters

Engine Rebuilds

Engine Replacements

Performance Torque Converters

Diesel Transmission Services

Diesel Transmission Replacements

Rear Axle Rebuilder

Rear Axle Replacement

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